A friendly warning about Cannes-Rental
and the owners: Jennifer Kinchington and Jennen Kinchington

(aka/dba www.vrbo.com/1357620ha - www.ownersdirect.co.uk/france/FR9051.htm - www.cannes-holidayrental.com - https://www.facebook.com/pages/Cannes-Rental/207122926093541?ref=ts&fref=ts - https://twitter.com/rentalcannes - www.vrbo.com/843480ha - www.homeaway.com/vacation-rental/p843480 - www.homeaway.ca/cottage-rental/p843480 - travelnetplanet.com/france/provence-alpes-c-te-d-azur/kanny/catalog/private-houses/374180.html - www.abritel.fr/location-vacances/p843480a)

A friendly warning to all filmmakers and those working in the film industry who may be attending the Cannes Film Festival. If you wish to do business with the vacation rental provider above, please ensure you purchase Damage Protection Insurance to cover you from wrongfully withheld security deposits (www.vacationprotection.com) as the operators: Jennifer Kinchington (aka Jennifer Goodchild) and Jennen Kinchington (aka Jennen Marwood) will likely repeatedly promise to return your security deposit but will not and with no explanation.

Ownersdirect.co.uk, a subsidiary of HomeAway are also favouring thier clients over their clients customers and we have found out first hand that they will not publish negative reviews of their clients, I presume in fear of losing revenue. Ref: http://ca.trustpilot.com

in 2012 several of us attended the Cannes Film Festival and stayed here, the only issue was the owners delayed paying back our damage deposit for a few weeks. We found ourselves at the Festival again in 2013 and decided to stay here once more.

Things were not as expected.

Upon arrival, a bathtub was blocked with something unidentifiable; the Garbage cans in the kitchen (missing garbage bags) were overfilled/spilling with previous tenants' garbage. When questioned, the landlord told us garbage bags were under the sink and to put the garbage outside, so we emptied and cleaned the cans. There was a leak in the living room ceiling, there were ants running through the living room to the kitchen (likely due to the garbage) there were 3x 1/2 rolls of toilet paper in the 4 bathrooms, none of the TVs worked and air conditioners upstairs could not be used as the controls were missing. All issues reported but nothing done about it during our stay. The house had not been maintained since our last stay and had deteriorated into very bad shape.

Fine, we can live with all this, we just won't stay here again, but then they delayed returning our damage deposit again (for a second year). Promising to return it in several communications over the months, claiming at one point that they had tried but needed a bank Swift Code Number, which was provided and was also readily available to their bank online. Last year they claimed the delay was due to incorrect bank numbers which were in fact correct and simply resent to them. It became apparent after waiting over three months (at the time of this review) that they were simply stalling this year and eventually stopped communicating altogether with us, ignoring phone calls, emails, texts, etc.

There are ten of us now out €1,000 Euro that had been contractually promised back to us. We are in the process of filing an international fraud report against the owners as it appears they are also now refusing to communicate to the VRBO/HomeAway regarding the matter.

Please feel free to email me (vc@oe.ca) for any references and copies of communications and/or contract supporting this review.

Sincere Regards,

Chris Orchard

ref: REF8S234